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The Fading Flower of the Drunkards

Scott Brown – Isaiah 28:1-13

He Will Punish Leviathan

Scott Brown – Isaiah 27:1-13

This Week at Hope – For What Could Have Been

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Prayer will be held at the Daming Home.

“If only.” These are the words of the “fading glory,” that we find in the message of Isaiah 28. How many times have you looked back and said, “I wish I had’ or “If only.” Judah could easily be the nation called, “What could have been.” In this next section it is clear the God is warning Judah of the coming consequences of sin by using the example of the northern kingdom – Ephriam. If only they had listened to the advice. If only they had taken heed to the example of Ephriam and turned from their sins. But they did not. The example was not enough for them.

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