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I Will Not Forget You

Scott Brown – Isaiah 49:14-26

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Scott Brown – Isaiah 47:1-15

  • This Week at Hope – Christ Our Comfort; Christ Our HopeJune 22, 2015 - 10:00 am

    Dear brothers and sisters, Prayer will be at the Brown’s Barn.

    Are you weary? Does it seem like all of the lights have gone out on you? Sometimes our experience brings us to a point where we are ready to conclude that our God has forgotten or forsaken us. Has your past experience brought you to that point before? Mine has!

    Maybe your experience is not just in the past; perhaps it is your present experience. There is good news for you: God has not forsaken you nor forgotten you. Even more good news: your Saviour, Who Himself had to walk in darkness, has a word suited to bring you relief.